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 Floating Tae

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PostSubject: Floating Tae   Floating Tae EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 1:45 am

"What the fuck is that?", said Jason
"What?", said Ariel
"In the sky", Jason replies.
"What is that?", asked Ariel.
"Hey guys! What cha guys doing?", says Diana
"Oh hey Diana, just looking what the heck is that in the sky", Ariel replies
Diana looks up, "WHAT THE HECK ISN'T THAT OPPA?!?!?!"
"I bet that's a flying person", said Jason
"IT IS!!!!", Diana yells.
"Pfft, I bet its just some attraction", said Ariel
Diana was being ignored by Jason and Ariel. Ariel and Jason kept on fighting while Diana is trying to tell them it's Tae.
"I believe I can fly,I believe I can touch the sky,I think about it every night and day,Spread my Balloons and fly away", Tae sang.
"You guys hear something?", asked Jason
"Nope, not at all", Ariel replies.
"I heard the song 'I believe i could fly'", Diana tells them

To be continued. Very Happy
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Floating Tae
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