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 Sexy Kingdom Part 4~

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Sexy Kingdom Part 4~ Empty
PostSubject: Sexy Kingdom Part 4~   Sexy Kingdom Part 4~ EmptyTue Sep 04, 2012 10:50 pm

Once upon a time, King Jason would always ask Diana aka the cupid, to tell him stories, But she refuses. One day King Jason had enough of Diana refusing to tell him a story. He grabbed a load of potatoes and chucked it at Diana. She was hurt and sad and hurt so she decided to leave the town. But she came back in two months Very Happy <3

[8:26:19 PM] Jason: omg u ...u...u.u..u left my town
[8:26:20 PM] Jason: QQQQ
[8:26:27 PM] Jason: but we give out free potatos for
[8:26:28 PM] Jason: dinner

Yes yes i know this forum is now dead, but i still love this forum ok yeah. LOL
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Sexy Kingdom Part 4~
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