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 AugustStory Rules.

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AugustStory Rules. Empty
PostSubject: AugustStory Rules.   AugustStory Rules. EmptySun Jul 29, 2012 7:16 pm

These rules were made by Lucid. Abide by these rules at all times or you will face the consequences.

Server rules
1. Do not hack or use illegal programs that interfere with regular gameplay. You will not receive warnings if you are caught, you will be banned immediately.
2. Abuse/harassment is not tolerated. You will receive warnings first, following by a jail. If you continue to abuse/harass anyone you will be banned.
3. Scamming will not be tolerated. You will be jailed, following ban if you continue.
4. Do not spam. Do not spam in allchat, @callgm, smegas, notifications (e.g. president wars) or whispers to staff members. You will be given warnings followed by a jail. If your spamming becomes excessive, you will be banned.
5. Do not pose as a GM. This can include making characters with similar IGNs or pretending to be a GM. If you are caught you will be jailed and if you continue, you will be banned.
6. Respect and listen to staff members. (Excluding GFX)
7. NO ADVERTISING. This includes saying links to other servers in public or mentioning other server names to the public. This includes servers that have been shut down as well.
8. No WZ edits this includes map.wz, skill.wz, etc. Warnings following ban.
9. Do not use excessive profane language through smegas or in allchat.
10. Do not beg staff members for items, events, etc.
Rules are subject to change at anytime.

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AugustStory Rules.
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